“All played with zest and sensitivity by Malcolm Halliday.... an enjoyable release of rare, highly accessible piano repertory.”
American Record Guide


Released 1997
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Impressions: Music for Piano by Leo Sowerby

Malcolm Halliday, piano


Leo Sowerby (1985-1968)
Three Folktunes from Somerset
   The Cuckoo
   Lord Rendal
   My Man John
Florida Suite
   River Night
   St. Augustine
   Cypress Swamp
   Sun-drenched Palms
   Pines at Sunset
From the Northland: Impressions of
   Lake Superior Country
   Forest Voices
   Burnt Rock Pool
   The Lonely Fiddle-Maker
   The Shing Big Sea-Water
Money Musk: A Country Dance Tune
Fisherman's Tune
The Irish Washerwoman
L'Amor di quei due (The Two Lovers)